Women in Construction Management Summer Institute

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Check back in January for information on our Summer 2019 Women in CM Summer Institute!

Construction Managers take the designer’s vision and make it a reality. With one of the highest job placement rates and starting salaries of any major, a degree in Construction Management is a great choice for young women who enjoy teamwork, solving tangible problems, critical thinking, and creating the world around them.

In this institute, young women will develop confidence in their abilities and gain an understanding of their opportunities in construction management and related fields through field trips, classroom sessions, and hands-on activities.

Thank you to The Beavers Foundation for funding the camp in 2018 and 2019!

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Institute News and Reports

Feedback from the 2018 WCM Summer Institute

  • 100% of participants agreed they gained self-confidence
  • 100% of participants felt more informed about leadership roles for women
  • 100% of participants would recommend this program to others
  • 100% of participants agreed that construction is a great field for women


  • "They teach you more than just construction. It's also about being confident and learning to love yourself."
  • "It is extremely empowering and really teaches a lot about the industry."
  • "It's a great program; a great opportunity. And it helps open your mind too."
  • "It helps women know they can do anything."
  • "We all get to come together and help one another out."
  • "Go for it. Even if CM is not for you, you will leave the program knowledgeable, confident, and with tons of new friends."
  • "I would recommend this program because it’s a really good learning experience, not only about construction management but about lots of other things. Many interesting skills are given here. Really fun and met really cool people"
  • "At the beginning of camp, [being all-female] didn’t seem as important, but after some time, the amazing mentors and inspiring women we met changed my opinion. It is important for girls to meet inspirational women and be exposed to a positive, all girl experience."