CM Minor

CM Minor

About the Minor

This program is designed to provide students an opportunity to study basic concepts of construction, materials, techniques, design, and managerial skills required for the construction industry. The CM minor has admission criteria and consists of nine courses beginning with CON101, Introduction to Construction Management. The minor will take students a minimum of five semesters to complete.

CM Minor Course Flowchart

How to Add the CM Minor

Students must meet with a CM Advisor to declare interest in the minor and will be given an override to register for CON 101. Once a student satisfies the following criteria he or she will be admitted to the minor and allowed to register for additional required CON courses. Students are admitted each semester in May and December.

Admission Criteria

  • 2.75 cumulative CSU GPA
  • Completion of CON 101 (Introduction to Construction Management) with a B grade or better
  • Completion of CO 150 (College Composition) with a B grade or better
  • Completion of MATH 125 (Numerical Trigonometry) with a C grade or better

To make an appointment with a CM Advisor, call 970-491-7354 or e-mail