The department highly recommends that all students have a notebook computer. Most Construction Management classes emphasize cooperative projects/assignments, and a notebook computer provides the required mobility to facilitate collaboration. In today’s construction environment, computing is an integral component with the computer being the standard tool. A notebook computer is the key to having computing capability available at all times and all locations.

Recommended Minimum Specifications

Operating System

Windows 10 and higher


Intel i5 or i7

RAM (Memory)

8 GB

Hard Drive

256 GB


AMD FirePro / Mobility FireGL OR NVIDIA Quadro FX


Wireless card


At least a 3 year warranty

Software Available to Students for Home Use

Students may download the following software for free from the College of Health and Human Sciences Technology page:

  • Autodesk
  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF Creation Software

Visit the College of Health and Human Sciences Technology- Software page to access download files for these programs.

College of Health and Human Sciences is not responsible for supporting or troubleshooting the installation of the software.


Students have the option to purchase personal computers through RAMtech, CSU’s on-campus computer store: