Education, Equity, and Transformation doctoral specialization, with an emphasis in Construction Management

Find your work-life balance. Keep making a difference.

Across the country, programs for undergraduate and graduate students seeking construction degrees are experiencing a scarcity in qualified educators.

You worked hard to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and your career in construction has given you a wealth of experience. You’ve spent years honing your expertise, solving problems on the job and building an understanding of the gaps between theory and application.

Perhaps you’ve supervised interns or employees new to the industry, finding a sense of purpose in sharing your knowledge and experience with the next generation. Moving into a faculty or other research role is a great way to impact construction management learners through research and/or teaching.

Earn your Ph.D., and impact the industry you love in a new way.

The Program

The 60-credit Education, Equity, and Transformation Ph.D. specialization, through CSU’s School of Education, offers a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge you need to research and teach, including:

  • Curriculum development
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Teaching and learning philosophy
  • Assessment

Emphasizing Construction Management

The EET program’s interdisciplinary approach allows an emphasis in construction management. You will build a program of study that includes graduate-level coursework in our Construction Management M.S. program. Your dissertation will be guided by a committee of expert faculty from both the Department of Construction Management and the School of Education.

A number of graduate teaching assistantships are available through the CM department, offering you the opportunity to gain practical teaching experience while funding your education. Graduates find positions as scholar-practitioners at universities, governments, and industry-related institutions.

Take the Next Step

Think the Education Sciences specialization, with an emphasis in construction management, is right for you? Contact Dr. Daniel Birmingham, EET program coordinator, today to learn more.

Name Graduation Year Where are they now?
Dr. Ben Bigelow 2012 Associate Professor at University of Oklahoma
Dr. Jay Cristofferson 1996 Professor and former department head at Brigham Young University, past president of ASC
Dr. Jon Elliott 2013 Assistant professor at CSU
Dr. Scott Glick 2007 Associate professor at CSU, ASC Regional Director
Dr. David Gunderson 2005 Associate professor at Washington State University, Editor-in-Chief at International Journal of Construction Education and Research, Second VP of ASC
Dr. Francois Jacobs 2010 Department Chair of Business Programs, Career Technical Programs (CTE) & Cosmetology at Northeasern Junior College
Dr. Brad Johnson 2006 Director of training and development at Municipal Group of Companies in Canada
Dr. Jeni Moore 2006 Director of continuous improvement and training at Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Dr. Mary Nobe 2007 Assistant professor at CSU
Mr. Dale Porter PhD Candidate Assistant professor at University of Nebraska-Kearney