Student Clubs

Club Officer Toolbox

CM Float

All officers are responsible for reviewing and understanding the Student Club Expectations, Policies, and Procedures.

A quick reference of event and posting procedures.

Student chapters of the CM program are encouraged to submit a request for funding for a presentation, training, event, or seminar with the purpose of providing all current CM Students with an educational or career readiness benefit.

Any club sponsored activities (field trips, off-site meetings, trainings, job site tours, etc.) require each participant (student, faculty, staff, or guest) to complete a Field Trip Liability Release. All releases need to be submitted to the CM Front office within 24-hours of the event. Hard copies can be requested from the front office.

Each club is responsible for compiling an Annual Report to be submitted to Anna Fontana for review by the Department Head by December 31st each year. (See Student Club Policies and Procedures Manual for details)