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Women In Construction

About WIC

The Women in Construction club serves as a networking organization to provide women in the construction management program with opportunities to interact with industry members. Our club encourages women currently working in construction to visit us and share their experiences, challenges, and memories with our members. This club also allows younger students to interact with older members, helping them to navigate their way through classes, career fairs, internships, interviews and much more.

You might be interested in WIC if...

  • You are a women majoring or minoring in Construction Management
  • You are looking for a way to meet more industry members
  • You are trying to prepare for the career fair

Fun Facts

For your membership fee you will receive a WIC t-shirt, button, pink stress ball hard hat, and pink graduation cords! We also sell some of our goodies! T-shirts are $10 and buttons are only $1. Men that support women in construction are also welcome to be a part of our club!

News and Events

See events calendar on Student Clubs homepage.

  • Monthly meetings
  • Informal "coffee talks" with industry members
  • Guest speakers
  • Job site tours
  • Career fair prep seminar

Membership Applications

Fill out and print the WIC Membership Application and submit with payment to the CM Front Office (102 Guggenheim Hall). You may also submit your application to

  • Members can be admitted year round
  • Dues: $10/semester or $15/year