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Sigma Lambda Chi Honor Society

About SLX

Mission Statement for Kappa Chapter:
"To recognize outstanding students in construction management and develop relationships among the community, campus, and industry, through service and leadership."

Why Join?
Sigma Lambda Chi is the only internationally recognized honor society for the construction industry. The organization provides a great opportunity to be recognized for outstanding performance in the field of construction management. As a Society for Leadership in Construction, we strive to provide our members extra opportunities beyond the classroom activities and those organized by the fantastic selection of construction management clubs at CSU, including leadership seminars, equipment training, and volunteer activities around the campus and community. Furthermore, we encourage our applicants to become involved as officers of other campus clubs and competition teams and offer aid to support their endeavors. Our ambition is to encourage a rising generation of leaders each and every semester.

Membership Applications

Membership for Sigma Lambda Chi is based on an application procedure consisting of a resume and letter of interest submitted to the chapter advisor, Bolivar Senior, in 224D Guggenheim Hall. Please note that there is no official application form. The membership recruiting process begins the first week of every semester and is followed by an installation ceremony within the first month of each semester. It is mandatory to submit all the application information, to be approved by faculty, and to attend the installation ceremony.

News and Events

Sigma Lambda Chi is an active honor society aimed at continuing education and giving back to the CM Department and the community.

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, SLX installed 9 new members including our own esteemed faculty member, Ron Holt. Congratulations to each of these individuals for working hard to excel in their classes and for seeking opportunities in clubs, competitions, and other extracurricular activities within the CM program. This year's new members are:

  • Mary Connell
  • James Dumanovsky
  • Madison Gerecke
  • Chris Gibbens
  • Ron Holt
  • Sam Schneider
  • Dylan Tomlinson
  • Harrison Tucker
  • Richard Varney

Two-part Scissor/Boom Lift Training on April 9 at 3:30 PM and April 12 at 9:00 AM. Contact Conner Nuss with questions.

On April 22 all SLX members are invited to attend the GH Phipps Leadership Symposium at 4:30 PM. Location TBD. Please contact Silas Dwyer with questions.

We also focus on educational seminars meant to elaborate on construction related materials and topics. See the events calendar on Student Clubs homepage for information on other upcoming events.