Student Clubs

Student organizations within the Department of Construction Management are a great way to get involved. These clubs exist to promote professionalism and provide a common forum for the exchange of information and current developments within the department and the construction industry. The BOD represents the 11 CM Clubs within the Department of Construction Management through fundraising, organizing, and planning of programs that will benefit the CM clubs and CM student body as a whole. We implement and organize policies and procedures that will allow our clubs to perform to the best of their ability.

See the Calendar below and make note of the upcoming meetings and events. For information on a specific student club, please select the club from the list to the right.

CM's prize-winning float in 2012 was featured in CSU's quick clips of life on campus called Ramble On. Check out Part I and Part II.

BoD Officer Elections

Please check the Calendar of Events for election date information or contact one of the Bod Officers listed on the CM BoD page for more information. If you are interested in a BoD position, please complete and submit the Pre-Election Application.

All CM students are encouraged to attend the BoD Officer Elections and cast their vote.

Apparel Sales

Please check the Calendar of Events for apparel sale dates or email for more information, or check the Calendar of Events for apparel sale dates.

  • Black Jackets -- $65.00
  • Hoodies -- $55.00
  • Polos -- $25.00 - $30.00
  • Hard Hat Stickers -- $1.00
  • 5" White Ram Sawblade Decal sets -- $10.00
  • 12" White Ram Sawblade Decals -- $25.00
  • Hats -- $25.00

Please make checks payable to CMBoD. If paying by card, please add $1 per item.

CM Student Clubs and Activities Calendar of Events

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