CM Professors lead Colorado Department of Transportation Emergency Truck Ramp Improvements Research Project

April 17, 2017

picture of truck ramp

There are thirteen emergency truck ramps on Colorado Highways, five of which are located on Interstate 70. The Lower Straight Creek emergency ramp just west of the Eisenhower Tunnel is the most frequently used emergency ramp in the state, utilized 21 times since October. In peak travel times, trucks utilize the Lower Straight Creek emergency ramp more than once a week. Emergency ramps are effective in decelerating trucks and preventing crashes in the traveled roadway, but there are occurrences of property damage, loss of freight, and fuel ruptures which require state resources for clean-up and reduce ramp availability.

The research project will examine alternate designs that maintain the rolling resistance necessary to decelerate the truck from high entry speeds, but are better able to keep trucks upright and in alignment so as to reduce the possibility of freight loss and/or fuel tank ruptures. Professors Kelly Strong, Scott Shuler, and Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez of the CSU Department of Construction Management will lead the project.

Contact:  Daniel Ricci

Telephone:  9704970435