CM Professors chosen as MCAA Educators of the Year

March 23, 2017

Khattab and Pettitt receive award

CM Professors Dennis Pettitt and Mostafa Khattab were recognized as Educators of the Year by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America at their annual meeting in early March. The annual award goes to the MCAA student chapter faculty advisor who demonstrates excellence in mentoring, project planning and support, interacting with the chapter's local association sponsor, promoting professional interactions and relationships between the students and association members, membership recruitment and assisting chapter members with securing internships and full-time positions. The award is traditionally given to an individual faculty member, but this year, the CSU MCAA Student Chapter lobbied the organization to recognize both Pettitt and Khattab.

In making their case for the two, the student chapter provided numerous examples of how both men had made exceptional investments in student success as well as inspiring the MCAA Student Club to do the same. An example of this was Pettitt's suggestion to create an MCAA mentorship program that pairs upper and lower classmen. The program has been a great success in building interest in the mechanical field and the MCAA Student Club. They also talked about the sense of team and teamwork that infuses the work of both Pettitt and Khattab. "They are perfect complements," said MCAA Student Club operations manager Kennedi White, "Many schools have a great faculty at CSU we are blessed to have two!"

Khattab's response when asked about the award exemplifies the characteristics that led him to be nominated in the first place, "I am deeply honored to be nominated by my students for the MCAA Award. Without exception, my greatest joy as a faculty member is seeing my students excel."

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