USGBC Student Club welcomes Jennifer Channel for presentation on dust management in the construction industry

February 27, 2017

Jennifer Channel

The USGBC Student group welcomed Jennifer Channel to a presentation on better management practices regarding environmental regulations on construction sites on Thursday, February 23rd. Channel works for the City of Fort Collins as an associate Environmental Planner and leads the city's Fugitive Dust Program. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Technology Management at Arizona State University. Prior to joining the City of Fort Collins, she worked as an environmental consultant, a compliance inspector, and as a permitting supervisor.

In arid climates, dust control in the construction industry and has been around for decades. In Fort Collins, however, restrictions placed on dust-generating operations are a more recent requirement. Her presentation covered the environmental and health impacts of dust, its regulatory background, and how to enter the construction industry prepared to manage dust emissions on your job site. Her expansive experience provided the students with great insights into the potential dust ordinances that project managers may face. Jennifer held an audience of about 15 students captive for her 45 minute presentation. She followed the presentation with a question and answer session so that students could drill down into specific areas of interest.

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