Bennett Elementary School

Project involves the design and construction of a greenhouse for the school and its community.

Project Updates

April 6, 2011

  • Goal: Build a net-zero greenhouse
  • Working with various groups for input on design
    • Poudre School District Facilities
    • Staff from Bennett Elementary School
    • Students and Parents from Bennett Elementary School
    • Institite for the Built Environment at Colorado State University
    • Horticulture expert
    • Architect

May 13, 2011

  • Intent of involving school district, school staff, parents, and students in design of the green house.  Learned that it is not easy to get large groups of people together and was not able to schedule a design meeting
  • Learned that building of greenhouse involves expertise of horticulture professional.  Group had teamed up with CSU Horticulture employee John Ray.  Sadly John unexpectedly passed away mid-semester.  John has two young children that attend Bennett Elementary and so the project was renamed the “John Ray Memorial Greenhouse”
  • The greenhouse project will continue as a CM Cares project and is currently being considered for production on campus then to be moved and set on-site.