Alternatives Pregnancy Center

Project involves design and construction of a remodeled client bathroom. Design and construction of a base cabinet in their conference room. Design and construction of a wall closure feature at a staff person’s office.




APC staff wanted to install a dry erase board in the meeting area. Unfortunately, the brick is extremely old which prevented the teamfrom hanging the dry erase board. No anchors could hold well enough to support the considerable weight of the dry erase board. So, the team had to get creative...

Wall to mount dry erase board


This is a SketchUp model of the proposed solution; the team designed a stand that is essentially a 2x4 stud wall and anchored it to the brick with 5/8” “all-thread (the all-thread was anchored to the brick with an epoxy anchor system). The stand was faced with oak veneered plywood and installed a solid oak cap on top. The stud wall supported the weight and we installed several angle brackets on top of the stand (anchored to the brick in the same manner as the stand) to prevent it from falling away from the wall. The stand allowed the board at the desired height without relying on the old brick to hold it up.

Sketch Up   

Sketch Up II



Install II  



This was initially a men’s bathroom so it has several features the APC staff found undesirable. The divider was left that separated the sink from the urinal, and the vanity looked very ‘commercial’. The plan was to remove the divider and install a new vanity and mirror.

before bathroom  


completed bathroom


This is an architectural opening that allows natural light to pass out of the office and into the cubicles on the other side. Unfortunately, sound travels out of the office and can be a disruption. The plan is to get a glazing contractor to furnish and install a window in the opening. This will insulate the office sonically while still allowing natural light into the inner areas of the APC.

Finished bathroom