Phelps Placement Office (PPO)

Senior Recruiting Information for Students


  • Each semester recruiters come to the CM Department specifically to interview Construction Management students. Companies also recruit candidates through the CSU Career Center located in the Lory Student Center. It is very important to utilize all of these recruiting and networking opportunities.
  • All CM, Pre-CM, and graduate students must review and abide by the Student Code of Conduct for Recruiting prior to participating in any recruiting activities, including applying, interviewing, accepting and declining offers.
  • CM Interviews are coordinated through the Phelps Placement Office located in 113 Guggenheim. To sign up for interviews you must sign up in room 113. If you have questions stop by 113B Guggenheim.
  • Interview schedules will be posted as either:
    1. Open sign up - students sign up for interview times as available, schedules will be listed in the Phelps Placement Office, room 113 Guggenheim.
    2. Preselect - students request an interview and your information is forwarded to the recruiter and you will be notified through the recruiting system that you have been selected to come to the office and sign up on an interview schedule.
    3. Other - Companies recruiting and interview information will be listed but company is setting up own schedule.
    If you want to see who is interviewing or participating in recruiting or would like to sign up for a company that is preselecting candidates then you must go to URL: and select ‘recruiting.’ This process will begin the Friday after the career fair. Companies that are preselecting will be available in the drop down menu, along with a posted listing in the Placement Office. You need to check this recruiting system periodically to see if additional companies added. For complete information on all visiting companies please visit the Phelps Placement Office in Guggenheim room 113.
  • Most companies are recruiting for current graduates. Several companies hold an Informational Meeting the night before their scheduled interviews. This is a great chance to find out about different companies and possibly set up an interview. If you are scheduled to interview with a company, it is required that you attend their Informational Meeting. If you cannot attend, you must let the company know prior to the meeting time.
  • Construction Management Senior Recruiting boards are located in the 113 hallway in Guggenheim, which includes current and upcoming interview schedules. These schedules are not available on line. All interview times are on a first-come, first-serve availability.
  • While the Placement Office encourages each student to interview with as many companies as possible, we also encourage students to be respectful of their classmates. If not interested, please leave the space available for another student to interview and if you must cancel an interview do so as early as possible.
  • Job Announcements and the interview calendar are continuously being updated with changes. The most current schedule is always posted in Room 113 Guggenheim. It is your responsibility to confirm interview times. Continue to check the job board throughout the recruiting season for notices of new companies scheduled, cancelations or rescheduled companies.

This is a general overview. If you have any questions call or stop by the placement office.

Khristy K. Jesse, Phelps Placement Office
Department of Construction Management
113C Guggenheim Hall Fort Collins, CO 80523-1584
(970) 491-1060
(970) 491-3068 FAX