Phelps Placement Office (PPO)

Internship/Work Experience Information for Industry

During their academic career, Construction Management students have the requirement and opportunity of obtaining industry experience with a variety of construction companies and organizations through the following:

Internship (CON487) - structured three-month and six-month required course where students are placed in the construction industry working full time gaining exposure to construction management responsibilities. Course must overlap student’s final summer before graduation.

Work Experience - industry experience for all other students earlier in the program, often with exposure to the field. This group of students does not register for a course nor have assignments.

Why recruit CSU CM interns?

The internship program can be viewed as an investment by the sponsor company. Participating companies provide interns with invaluable training and experience, and in return get the benefit of working with students before committing to full-time employment.
On average, 45-65% of Construction Management graduates accept full-time positions with the company that sponsored their internship.

Internship Overview

CON487 internship is a required course for credit, with prerequisites and assignments where students submit a final portfolio for a letter grade. Internships are full-time (40+ hours per week) with a sponsor company in a construction related field. Students must be of at least junior standing in the Construction Management program and complete the internship course over their final summer term. Those students completing a 24-week internship will take a semester off from coursework in addition to a summer term.

BEFORE HIRING AN INTERN, please be aware of the following requirement: interns are required to gain valuable experience in the management of construction projects and processes. General labor does not meet the requirements of the registered internship.

While the department places great value on trade experience, we encourage students to take advantage of those opportunities when satisfying their pre-internship ‘Work Experience’ and reserve the internship course for experience in management and operations. If your company would like to provide laborer or trades opportunities, please focus your recruiting efforts on our work experience students who are encouraged to gain valuable experience in the field.

Sponsoring an intern

The Phelps Placement Office assists in placing students on internship via the CON267 Pre-Internship course, the career fair, and on-campus intern interviews. Contact the Phelps Placement Office for more information or to schedule interviews.

Sponsor companies should review the Phelps Internship Placement Program description and must agree to the Master Internship Agreement to gain eligibility. (Please contact the Phelps Placement Office for the DocuSign Agreement)

All interns should have a day-to-day mentor/supervisor.

Sponsors must be licensed general contractors, subcontractors, consultants, or organizations (i.e. city, county, or federal entity). With few exceptions, residential painting, residential roofing, deck/fence building, material handling/deliveries, landscape installation and maintenance, building/rental maintenance, service calls, etc. do not count towards a student’s Work Experience or Internship requirement. Retail sales, rental companies, and commissioned positions are not eligible.

Intern interviews

The Phelps Placement Office utilizes an on-line system for candidate interview selection. This program enables students to access each participating company’s profile and interview dates. Students indicate interest with specific companies which is then available to recruiters along with a PDF of all intern resumes for review. Companies have 2-3 business days to review and select candidates for interviews.

During the scheduled intern interview week, industry representatives interview students and, subsequently, make job offers. Compensation and possible travel expenses are negotiated between the student and sponsor/employer. Companies are asked to notify the PPO of any interview no-shows, internship offers, and acceptances/declines. The student is also required to provide this information with the PPO as soon as placement is confirmed.

Employer Code of Conduct for Recruiting

The Department of Construction Management follows the University Career Center and National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Conduct in Student Hiring. Please be aware of the following guidelines when recruiting our students:

Extending Offers
We ask that employers convey decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and communicate that time frame to candidates. As a general rule, employers should give students a minimum of two weeks from the date the offer is made to make their decision, ideally within the semester of graduation. Please give students a minimum of two-weeks to respond to offers.

Exploding Offers
Exploding offers (offers that do not afford the candidate the appropriate time to either accept or decline) are unacceptable. Employers are to refrain from exerting any undue pressure on candidates to accept an offer.

Rescinded Offers
If conditions change and require your company to rescind an offer made to a student, we ask that you contact the CM Placement Office prior to taking any action. If after discussions with the Placement Office, the offer is rescinded, we ask that you pursue a course of action for the affected candidate that is fair and equitable, including (but not limited to) financial assistance and outplacement services.

Student Reneges
Employers should not try to persuade students to renege on employment offers from other companies under any circumstances. This would be in direct breach of the university recruiter code of conduct and ethics. Students who renege face serious consequences limiting or revoking their access to career services.

Companies who violate these guidelines, may face penalties including being barred from further recruiting activities. The department asks for your support as we prepare our graduates for a professional career in the construction industry.

Students are held to similar recruiting conduct – reference our 'Student Code of Conduct for Recruiting'

Third Party Recruiting Agencies

The CM Phelps Placement Office, in accordance with the CSU Career Center and the Collegiate Career Services Association of Colorado and Wyoming (CCSA) uses the National Association of Colleges and Employers' definition of third-party recruiters as "...agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not for profit, and it includes agencies that collect student information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment."

Staffing agencies and third party recruiters are not permitted to recruit on-campus through the CM Department at this time. This includes the career fair, info sessions, on-campus interviews, and other on-campus recruiting events hosted by Construction Management.

Staffing agencies and third-party recruiters are permitted to post position announcements to our on-line job board, provided they:

  • Charge no fees to the candidate.
  • Reveal the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer, and permit the verification of such information by contacting the employer directly. The Phelps Placement Office will not attempt to solicit business away from third-party recruiters, however, we will require employer permission to advertise any opportunity with one of our existing industry partners.
  • Submit only current valid openings which disclose the employer and specific position within the posting.
  • Use candidate information exclusively for the identified employer and position. Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.
  • Comply with all federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity laws (Titles VI and IX, and ADA).

Network Marketing Organizations, as defined by the CSU Career Center, are not permitted to recruit on-campus through the CM Department. This includes the career fair, info sessions, on-campus interviews, and other on-campus recruiting events.

Employers are not permitted to recruit Construction Management intern or work experience candidates for commission or sales positions

For information on other recruiting services provided by the CSU Career Center, please visit their website.

Note: Member institutions of CCSA often share information with one another regarding their relationships and experiences with third-party agencies and, at the discretion of individual career offices, other conditions of the agreement may apply.

Petition for Internship Reduction Packet

Phelps Internship Placement Program

Master Internship Agreement for Intern Sponsor Companies.(Please contact the Phelps Placement Office for the DocuSign Agreement)

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